Application Development and Integration

Numann Technologies is now providing innovative end-to-end application solutions to both commercial organizations and government agencies. Our focus is on understanding your business objectives and developing applications to address them. Whether the need is to develop an application to solve a specific business problem or to integrate applications across the enterprise, Numann has the expertise to deliver quality results on time and on budget.

Numann offers Enterprise Application Integration for the plans, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and the computer applications in an enterprise. Developing a new total view of an enterprise�s business and its applications, seeing how existing application fit into the new view, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.


Numann Technologies is an Oracle Partner and Belay Biosciences & Technologies. Its in the process of obtaining Microsoft Solution Partner These partnerships provide technology support, the latest tools and technology updated from Oracle, Microsoft and Belay. Numann also provides .NET training.

Technology Areas

J2EE development, .Net development, Cold Fusion, Java, DB2/UDB, SQL Server, Oracle. Numann offers a dedicated, smart technology solutions for high performance results by developing software solutions with strong expertise in C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML. Since .NET framework is very much adaptable for web services strategy, Numann uses the .NET technology for building software application including web-based applications and web services are used to facilitate integration of the systems.


Expertise in developing and deploying Web services, integration of disparate systems using tools such as WebSphere Business Integration Server and Microsoft BizTalk and component- or service-oriented architectures.

Solution Delivery Models

Numann has onsite and offsite development options. Numann maintains development centers in the US to establish a better business relationships and benefits to our customers.

Enterprise Solutions...

Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. Our enterprise solutions help our clients achieve high performance.

Oracle Solutions

Numann turns isolated systems into an integrated, efficient enterprise application. As Numann has obtained Oracle partnership, Numann can provide application outsourcing solutions across the entire Oracle suite of products�including Oracle E-Business

SAP Solutions

Numann is in the progress of providing low-cost maintenance and SAP solution for small to mid-sized companies that joining the SAP band wagon.

Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence

Numann offers Business Intelligence (BI) in a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions which includes query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis and forecasting. Numann offers solution to your DW needs including Datamart, Data Mining, Web Mining and Decision Support System (DSS)

Project Methodology

To ensure that our clients always receive top-quality software products on time and within budget, Numann employs a rigorous project methodology, which is premised on a holistic view of systems engineering. This approach recognizes the vital importance of human interactions � between our management team and our clients, as well as between our clients and the systems we build. This philosophy informs every stage of our software development process � from gathering project requirements to delineating detailed specifications, executing the project, and testing the resulting systems. After all, meeting or exceeding client expectations is our ultimate goal.

Requirements Gathering

Careful requirements gathering is an essential first step in any software or database development project. In our experience, the time spent up front to gather detailed functional requirements eliminates process delays, improves system quality, and greatly reduces "function creep" with its associated cost overruns. In addition, requirements gathering lays the foundation for a framework of mutual education, brainstorming, negotiation, and progress tracking.

At the start of every project, Numann's programmers and project leaders from the Rancho Cordva, California office work together with our clients to develop a detailed understanding of their needs. This process typically involves a series of meetings where our software and database experts collect functional requirements from users, resolve conflicting requirements, establish and prioritize project goals, and identify critical risk and success factors for the project.

Project Specification

Once the functional requirements for a product have been gathered, Numann's project leaders work with the client to translate those requirements into detailed project specifications. At this stage, the team resolves any conflicting views of the product or the overall project goals, defines the interaction of the product with each user group within the client's organization, and establishes a delivery time and cost estimate for the project.

From our experience with past projects, we recognize that it can be difficult to predict how a complex system will perform and how it will look and feel, until it is deployed. For that reason, the best approach often is to build a prototype system at first and then make iterative refinements, adding new functionality as needed. This approach is often the fastest way to bring a product to market.

Project Execution

As a project moves into the development phase, Numann's team maintains continuous contact with the client and with our programmers and content specialists to ensure accurate communications and constant project oversight. Our managers and quality control personnel supervise every detail of the project and report weekly. This uncompromising approach to quality assurance and project oversight provides complete accountability for every stage of the project and ensures that the final product fulfills or exceeds the client's expectations.

Quality Assurance

In today's highly competitive marketplace, releasing new software quickly is often the key to success. There is tremendous pressure to be the fastest to market with the right product or service. However, the accompanying sense of urgency can lead to shortcuts that compromise product quality, resulting ultimately in unsatisfied customers, lost revenues, and a diminished reputation.

With Numann, you will not sacrifice quality to achieve timely results. Our software quality assurance (SQA) procedures start the day the project specifications are finished and continue until the project�s completion. Numann team member keep track on all events to monitor quality assurance, input SQA issues, track bug fixes, and follow project item changes at their desktops. Our quality assurance program encompasses the following: continuous tracking of quality assurance issues; test strategies for program functions and expected performance parameters; continuous generation and implementation of test scripts to track program output in the development process; stress testing, risk and failure analysis, and defect analysis; automated testing, when appropriate; detailed QA documentation; and optional SQA training programs for clients.