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About Numann
How we got here...
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How we got here...

Numann Technologies was incorporated in 1997 in California. Our Management team brings with it knowledge, experience and wisdom as the years of experience tone them up.

The company's founding vision was to specialize in providing its clients cost effective, high quality and commercially viable software services and solutions. From its inception we have been providing IT Staff Augmentation and Project Solutions to our customers in the US.

In September 2004, Numann obtained its DBE certifications and has been progressing aggresively since then.

Our Vision
At Numann, your company goal are our top priority. We are the practical technological innovator in delivering optimized IT services and solution to our customers every day.

Our Mission
At Numann, its our mission to sincerely adapt and succeed in our vision.

Did you know...

In 1936, Konrad Zuse -Z1, First freely programmable computer was invented

In 1954, John Abacus and IBM developed the first sucessful high level programming language

In 1971 Faggin, Hoff & Mazor invented the first microprocessor Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor

In1981, From "Quick And Dirty" comes the operating system of the century from Microsoft MS-DOS Computer Operating System

"The von Neumann architecture is a computer design model that uses a processing unit and a single separate storage structure to hold both instructions and data. It is named after mathematician and early computer scientist John von Neumann. Such a computer implements a Universal Turing machine, and the common "referential model" of specifying sequential architectures, in contrast with parallel architectures. The term "stored-program computer" is generally used to mean a computer of this design."

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